Books by Dyson faculty to add to your library

N.O.K.: Next of Kin

By Inbal Abergil, professor, Art
2017 Daylight Books

From World War II to the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, Abergil’s book presents the stories of families across the United States that lost loved ones in action.

Storytelling as Plague Prevention in Medieval and Early Modern Italy

By Martin Marafioti, professor, Modern Languages and Cultures
2018 London Routledge, Taylor Francis Group

The central theme of Marafioti’s book is the preventative and healing power of the word. Specifically, the book examines the tradition of storytelling in a time of epidemic illness: the plague of 1348.

Aspirations of Italian-American College Students

By Joseph Franco, professor, Psychology
2017 Hamilton Books

Franco’s book assesses a sample of undergraduate university students who attended the Westchester campuses of Pace University, to determine the relative significance of ethnicity in the educational and professional options perceived by Italian American vs. non–Italian American respondents.

Environmental Health Science:

Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Chemical Health Hazards

By Richard Schlesinger, acting dean
2017 Oxford University Press

Schlesinger’s co-authored book presents the latest concepts and terminology from chemistry, ecology, toxicology, and engineering necessary for identifying environmental contaminants, and preventing and treating the acute and chronic diseases they cause.

Lunar Eclipse

By Helane Levine-Keating, professor, English
2018 Finishing Line Press

This collection of poems focuses on the aftermath of divorce and the surprises that occur in finding renewal through words, nature, and new love in later life.

Gloria Naylor’s Fiction

By Ama Wattley, professor, English
2017 Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Wattley co-edited this detailed look at the ways in which Gloria Naylor’s novels questioned the contemporary relationship between African Americans and the economic system of capitalism in the United States.