Forward thinking means, “thinking about and planning for the future,” as defined by the Dictionary. For Dyson College’s liberal arts programs, forward thinking is fundamental.

What knowledge will a college-educated person need to succeed? How will the education that we provide prepare our students for the careers of tomorrow, leadership, and lifelong learning? What advancements in the arts, sciences, social sciences, humanities, and digital landscape will influence our programs? Simply put, what does the future look like for our graduates?

As educators, we consider these things every day. We are forward thinkers—anticipating trends, creating new programs that address new developments, and planning for the future—and it is very exciting and motivating for all of us at Dyson College.

This past year we developed several new programs on the New York City campus, including two PhDs in the psychology department: one in Clinical Psychology (with a Health Care Emphasis) and the other in School Psychology. In addition, we have a new BS degree in Behavioral Neuroscience in the biology department. With these new initiatives and pioneering instruction, Dyson College is poised to become a leader in educating students in the burgeoning area of study called digital humanities, which provides students novel ways of telling stories through the integrated use of new technology tools, software, and databases. Further, our spectacular new spaces in 41 Park Row and One Pace Plaza provide more study and collaborative spaces for students, and our new art gallery on the ground level of 41 Park Row provides unprecedented access and visibility to the community with exhibits featuring the work of students, faculty, and outside artists. In Pleasantville, we are also celebrating a new art gallery in Choate House, which will present exhibits similar in nature to the Lower Manhattan gallery.

Of course, there are many faculty, student, and alumni achievements across Dyson’s liberal arts programs that we are very proud to share with you, as you will see in this publication. They are all shining examples for both current and prospective students, and they highlight how our programs equip students with knowledge and skills to bravely face the future and become tomorrow’s leaders.

As we continue to strive for future success, I thank you for your support of Dyson College’s programs, faculty, and students. With your vital help, we will continue to build upon our legacy of providing students an inspiring educational experience that is forward thinking.