The word legacy can mean something different to each of us. Terms like long-lasting, history, importance, heritage, and roots come to mind. These are all powerful words and all apply to Dyson College and its enduring legacy of educating individuals who go on to accomplish big things: creating kinship among our students, staff, and faculty that continues over time; reaching out to help the local community; standing tall to honor truth, respect everyone, and support civility; inspiring students to pursue their dreams and find their inner strength to persist and achieve those dreams; and providing programming and opportunities that nourish not only the mind but also the soul. For life.

This is the beauty of Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and the liberal arts programs we offer. This is our legacy; what we are so proud of. And in this year’s Dyson Year in Review, we share stories of milestones of programs, historic achievements of Dyson faculty, students, and alumni, and long established connections that illustrate some of the ways that Dyson’s legacy is strong, widespread, and growing.

The Center for Community Action and Research celebrates 25 years of helping our communities and students make a difference in so many lives. Our premier honors program, the Society Fellows, under new leadership, builds upon its legacy of honoring scholarly research, exploring truth to its very core, and celebrating intellectual achievement and curiosity. A special triumvirate of brothers, all Dyson alumni, continues gathering to honor a beloved professor, delve into past and current events, and provide scholarship support to deserving Dyson students. And our Federal Reserve Challenge Team extends the team’s winning legacy with a historic fifth national title win this year, besting the Ivy Leagues and highlighting the very essence of how theory and practice blend to provide students with the right education, the right know-how, and the right skills for success in today’s complex world.

It is my great pleasure to share these and many other highlights of the past year with you. We are incredibly proud of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff who all contribute to, and solidify, the powerful legacy of Dyson College.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and programs. Your contributions are paid back many times over by the outstanding accomplishments these “go-getters” have achieved and the College’s growing legacy.


Tresmaine R. Grimes
Dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
and School of Education