It was a fulfilling experience this year to lead the college as acting dean while Dean Nira Herrmann served as interim provost.

We had another very exciting year of accomplishments. Our liberal arts programs continue to build upon a firm legacy of providing students an education that connects classroom work to practical applications through real-world experiences, such as internships, civic involvement, and independent student/faculty research. This experiential learning model has led to a multitude of opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni to enhance their educational experience as well as make a positive impact on our communities.

In this issue you will see how the Dyson community is affecting positive change. Collaborative student/faculty research projects supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health ranged from helping to understand the mechanisms underlying cancer to protecting the environment. A student and faculty team supported advocacy efforts for a nuclear weapons ban treaty, which led to a Nobel Peace Prize. A professor helped incarcerated women become better parents and was honored with a prestigious national Jefferson Foundation Award. A faculty Fulbright Scholar worked toward ending child trafficking, and the world listened. Students defending the Hudson River took the Coast Guard to task for not following procedure—and won. Students documented the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and their film touched lives. Other students brought residence life to a community level and forged unexpected friendships in the process. An alumnus and his #LiterarySwag social media movement took the literary world by storm. An alumna established an agency to provide legal services in support of immigrants. The list goes on.

We are extremely proud of these accomplishments and others captured in this publication. Such work is vital and notable for making the world a better place and sets a fine example for both current and prospective students, demonstrating the opportunities at Pace to expand educational experiences beyond the classroom. These achievements are a true reflection of the value of a Dyson College liberal arts education.

I am pleased to share this year’s highlights and look forward to continuing to work with Dean Herrmann upon her return to achieve ever-greater success of the College. I wish to thank you for your support of Dyson College’s programs, faculty, and students. With your help, we can continue to build upon our legacy of providing an enriching educational experience for our students.

Richard B. Schlesinger, PhD, Fellow ATS
Acting Dean, Dyson College