We are delighted to feature two Dyson College students’ artwork on the cover and inside cover of this issue. Theirs, along with many other students’ works, were showcased at two student exhibitions at the Pace University Art Gallery this spring. We asked our students to describe their piece and their inspiration for it. Here’s what they said.

Mildred Stephany Martinez ’24, Art

Abstract art piece called Color Chemistry by Mildred Martinez

Mildred Martinez with glasses on her headWhat was your inspiration for Color Chemistry? 

During a semester break, I had plenty of time to create various diverse projects for my final assignment. Reminiscing, I stumbled upon various methods leading to the same outcome. Unaware of specialized paints, I improvised with water acrylics and a hair blow dryer. Social media became my wellspring of inspiration and enlightenment for Color Chemistry. 

(Fun fact: Remarkably, this piece was my second attempt).


What does Color Chemistry mean to you? 

When it comes to painting or engaging with any artistic medium, cleanliness has always been of paramount importance to me. However, as I delved into the process of Color Chemistry, I discovered a newfound sense of liberation. It was an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that taught me the beauty of embracing imperfections. I realized that art doesn’t need to be flawless every time; it can thrive in its imperfect nature, and that’s perfectly alright.


 Did you always want to be an artist? 

Initially I focused on the path of the medical field and dedicated myself to courses and programs in that domain. Art remained a hobby, not a career consideration. However, as the pandemic confined me indoors and college commenced online, a drawing class unexpectedly sparked my artistic passion. Now, I contemplate merging my curiosity in science with my passion for art, envisioning a future where both professions can intertwine.


What other works are you proud of? 

I take immense pride in every single one of my creations, as each represents a unique journey of growth and progress. From humble beginnings to the present, my body of work showcases an evolving artistic evolution. I am particularly honored by the inclusion of select pieces in esteemed exhibitions hosted by clubs and the Pace Art Gallery. It is a privilege to have my art remembered and encountered by others in these events, further validating the dedication and effort I have poured into my art.


Why did you choose to study art? 

I made the decision to study art due to its vast and boundless nature. I realized that, regardless of the path I eventually choose to pursue, there will always be a space for creativity. The versatility of art allows me to explore various forms of expression and find fulfillment in whichever direction I venture. Whether I become a professional artist or integrate creativity into a different field, I am confident that the art will continue to provide endless opportunities for growth, innovation, and personal fulfillment. I am eternally grateful to my parents for their unwavering support since day one, recognizing that my achievements reflect their love and dedication. 

Additionally, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my professors, whose imparted knowledge of diverse art mediums has played a pivotal role in shaping my artistic journey. 


What are you currently working on? 

Currently, I am creating customized art and actively expanding my skill set in digital art, acquiring proficiency in various techniques and tools that empower me to express my artistic vision digitally. By embracing both traditional and digital art forms, I am broadening my artistic horizons and pushing the boundaries of my creative expression. This immersive journey creates an exploration of my artistic potential, allowing me to uncover new layers of creativity within myself. 

Jenna Meyer ’23, Art

One Soul painting by Jenna Meyer

Jenna MeyerWhat was your inspiration for One Soul

One Soul was inspired by the intersection of self, energy, and soulmates. In One Soul, I aimed to visually communicate that our individual energies are interconnected and can align with others in a way that feels cosmic.


What does One Soul mean to you? 

One Soul is my capstone project; when I look at it, I see all the accomplishments and growth of my art career in the past four years. To me, One Soul not only depicts the deepest form of relationships and my artistic development, but is also a visual representation of my spiritual progression.


Did you always want to be an artist? Why did you choose to study art? 

I did not always know I wanted to be an artist; in fact, I didn’t take my first art class until I was a high school sophomore. It was in that class I realized that art was a passion I felt called to, leading me to study Art at Pace University. Creating art has provided me with a way to alleviate anxiety, as well as a means for personal growth and self-exploration.


What are you currently working on? 

My recent works are moving away from the connections with others and starting to focus on my personal connection with the divine. Overall, I believe that art has the power to connect us to our inner selves and to the world around us. Ultimately, I hope that my work encourages viewers to find beauty in their own experiences and to seek out connections with others in meaningful ways.