Pace Pitch Perfect

A team of three Dyson College graduate students won the Pace Pitch Contest, an annual competition of entrepreneurial ideas. MA Media and Communication Arts students Alex Romanelli ’20, Shantina Scott ’22, and Magen Wolmart ’20 took the top honor for Surge Systems and Solutions, a platform intended to simplify the creation of campaign plans for public relations, marketing, advertising, and other practices. The team was selected for the top $1,000 cash prize after presenting their idea to a panel of potential investors. The 2020 contest, organized by Pace’s Lubin School of Business Entrepreneurship Lab, was held via video conference given the remote learning and social-distancing protocols enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The way we all presented Surge was something completely different, which none of us were prepared to do a few months ago,” Romanelli said. “It was definitely easier for me to present virtually.”

A data analysis project took second place, and communications students Kevin Crompton ’22, Athena Greschler ’20, and Monique Rios ’20 won third place for Green Neighbor, a delivery program envisioned to eliminate inefficient, expensive, and slow return services and prevent excessive waste.

Pace Students Present

From the United Nations to the American Museum of Natural History, Pace students have been showcasing their talent outside the classroom.

Tatyana Graham ’22

Environmental science student Tatyana Graham ’22 presented research at the American Museum of Natural History. She was invited to speak through the Gotham Coyote Project, which studies local coyotes to promote understanding and coexistence. The research was conducted in collaboration with others at Pace.

Crystal Isidor ’20

Political science major Crystal Isidor ’20 was a panelist at “74 Years of Nuclear Disarmament and the Contribution of Youth Beyond 2020,” an event organized by the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs. She encouraged young people to become actively involved in the issue of disarmament.

Andrea Saum ’22

Andrea Saum ’22, a commercial dance major, had her work exhibited at a United Nations conference on climate change. Saum choreographed an original performance piece depicting a human wave disrupted by representations of pollution, and said her goal with the project was to inspire others to action.