Dyson faculty have been sought out to share their research and expertise, providing insightful quotes for major news outlets.

Clinical Associate Professor of Economics

Mark Weinstock, CBE

news12 logo

Quoted on News12, June 2022

On proposed Federal Reserve interest rate hikes as consumer prices soared and the stock market struggled in spring 2022:

“You’re nowhere near rock bottom at this point. The whole idea that inflation was temporary was absurd. We don’t have that concept in economics, so the Fed delayed raising [the interest rates] and now they’re trying to make up for it.”

Director of Commercial Dance

Rhonda Miller, Master of Performing Arts

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Quoted in New York Business Journal, December 2021

On the Pace Commercial Dance program’s connections to the Radio City Rockettes:

“We just want to make sure that they’re ready with as many different styles as we can expose them to so that they can make a living. It’s about sustaining yourself and understanding how this business works. We really try to teach them how to navigate the entertainment industry.”

Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures

Andriy Danylenko, PhD

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Quoted in The Wall Street Journal, March 2022

On the importance of pronouncing and spelling the Ukrainian capital as the preferred “Kyiv,” rather than the Russian version:

“This is a sensitive question; it’s already politically connotated.”

Associate Professor of History

Durahn Taylor, PhD

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Quoted in Newsday, August 2021

On how the history of the polio vaccine relates to the COVID-19 vaccine:

“The [polio] vaccine trials were a great human experiment. If there was vaccine hesitancy then, it was overpowered by a greater fear of polio. Parents didn’t want to feel that their kid got sick or died because they did nothing.”

Associate Professor of Writing and Cultural Studies

Robert Mundy, DA

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Quoted in U.S. News and World Report, December 2021

On the misconception that Gender Studies degrees are only suited for women:

“Gender studies and feminism are not based on this widely held but false belief that such work will be the ‘end’ of men or that men will somehow be ‘replaced.’ The field is also expansive and ever-growing, though some might believe otherwise.”

Professor of Environmental Studies

E. Melanie Dupuis, PhD

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Quoted in The New York Times, August 2021

On comparing the impacts of using plastic or cotton shopping bags, referencing that the shift towards cotton bags has led companies to use additional layers of packaging, which can also be damaging to the environment:

“We end up in an environmental what-about-ism that leaves consumers with the idea that there is no solution.”